So you want to create a project where you can work, play, and be with a like-minded team of social entrepreneurs, edgeworkers and change agents?


    You are not sure if it is a training program, an alternative school program, an unconference, an educational community, or a not-for-profit.


    To paraphrase R. Buckminster Fuller, "You do not change things by fighting existing gameworlds. You change things by creating a new gameworld that makes existing gameworlds irrelevant."


    You've probably heard: "Build it and they will come."

    What you might not have heard is: "If you don't build it, nobody even has a chance to come!"

    So build it!


    Do not be left behind playing in a stupid gameworld.



    ...and how do you build one?


    Human beings interact with each other through social systems called gameworlds. Each gameworld has a context, values, rules-of-engagement (how to play the game), and an intended outcome. For example, one gameworld in modern culture is called Post Office. The way to play Post Office is to bring your letter or package to a Post Office building, stand silently in line until one of the government workers has time to help you, pay whatever money they ask for, and "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night" slows the couriers from delivering your mail. The purpose of the Post Office gameworld is to make a profit. How do you know? Because if the Post Office delivers your mail on time but does not make a profit this governmental service must be shut down or privatized.


    In the Post Office gameworld you might want to pay with a credit card. But Credit Card is a different gameworld! How do you play the gameworld called Credit Card? You hand the person behind the cash register a plastic card with your name and account number on it, and a microchip inside. Then your bank transfers numbers from your bank account into the Post Office bank account. However, to play in the gameworld of Credit Card you must already be playing in the gameworld called Bank Account. And to play in the Bank Account gameworld you must first be playing in the Earning Money to Survive gameworld. The Earning Money to Survive gameworld has the purpose of making profit for company stockholders and giving taxes so that the government can pay people to work in the Post Office gameworld.

    Most gameworlds in modern culture are win-lose games played with the intention of maximizing profit by externalizing as many costs as possible to future generations, third world countries, or Gaia.

    If you change even one rule-of-engagement in a gameworld you create a whole new gameworld. For example, the gameworld of football uses one ball and two teams. if you add one more ball in football, or if you allow players to use bicycles, or whips, it would change the game entirely. All the players must agree to play by the rules-of-engagement or they are not allowed to play the game. In ordinary football, whichever team puts the ball across a line at the end of the field the most number of times wins. But who really makes a profit from football are the corporate owners of the team, or newspapers, radio, and television selling space to advertisers during football games.

    Each gameworld originates in a context. The context of a gameworld establishes the gameworld's relationship to consciousness and responsibility, and defines what the gameworld holds as its highest value. For example, modern culture values profit and teaches that the most successful people are those who avoid responsibility. In modern culture, the term 'consciousness' has no meaning. 'Consciousness' is one of those dangerous or dirty words.

    Even though the gameworlds of modern culture are contexted in capitalist patriarchal empire it is possible to create gameworlds with an entirely different context, set of values, distinctions, rules of engagement, and purpose.

    You now have a team of people who have come together in a new context - the context of archearchy - and who can build and inhabit archearchy gameworlds. Nobody already knows how this goes. Isn't that great?


  • Gameworld collaborations

    A gameworld is a community of practice.

    Each gameworld starts by establishing the context and Rules of Engagement of their gameworld.

    It is possible to include this:

    Our purpose is to globally weave critical connections between communities of practice to create a field of influence for the emergence of next culture, archearchy.


    It has never been more important that people in the service of expanding consciousness work together as one team. This means simply ignoring all the typical boundaries that we might imagine separate one lineage or style of consciousness expanding work from another. It does not matter what kind of Buddhist you call yourself. It does not matter what level Aikido practitioner you are. It does not matter what therapeutic tradition you come from. We can no longer afford to bicker over such superficial differences. If you are involved in expanding the Box we are all on one team. We are all serving the same Bright Principles. It is time to seriously collaborate.

    Creating a protected knowledge center that can serve as an Ark certainly has value, but the fight has not yet been lost. It is not yet time to go underground and become invisible. Coordinated action is needed to experiment with alternative forms of culture, education, family, energy, government, city design, transportation, spirituality, society, financial exchange, management, entertainment, ritual, technology, meetings, and economic development. (See J. F. Rischard’s brilliant book High Noon: Twenty Global Problems, Twenty Years to Solve Them.) Experimentation depends on you experimenting. It only happens if you lead it to happen.

    The more reality that can be brought to implementing alternatives before they are desperately needed the easier the transitions to using them will be. The need for experimenting is now. No, it is not easy to experiment now. Yes, you will be maximally challenged while implementing what you see is possible when others do not yet see similarly. Discovery always brings disorientation. But if you do not try to bring what you know to be possible into existence now, who will? If you have clarity and the ability to take real actions and try things out, it is probably a job on your bench. Change manifests one individual at a time, one day at a time, one small action at a time. Every little effort helps to cut new forms of consciousness that act as seed crystals and establish resonance for others who can tune in and follow. This is not a time for hesitation or hiding out. We have work to do, and this work needs be done together.


    A gameworld is a community of practice.

    Each gameworld starts by establishing the context and Rules of Engagement of their gameworld that they write down in their Codex.

    Examples of Codex.

    Altiplano Ecosystem Restoration Camp - CODEX

    Possibility Management Trainer Guild - CODEX

    Possibility Management Trainer Path - CODEX

    Possibilica Nanonation Codex -